Letter from the President (June 2012)

Dear Old Hulmeians,
I’m mindful of comments made to Dave Barnes prior to his presidency : “every committee member has to do it eventually “. So along with these comments from Dave the ceremonial chain of office is passed on, along with a battered brief case, a port decanter (alas empty), a wooden gavel and nearly 100 years of predecessors.

I would like to thank Mike Kerr, my immediate Presidential precursor, for his hard work in creating more action form us all. Hopefully, he has managed to get the matter of the “playing fields” off our agenda. For those not familiar with this subject: well done. The issue was unclear of how the cricket field at Whalley Range, owned jointly by the O.H.A., could be managed over time. This has been formalised in a Trust Deed, thanks to Malcolm Davies for working on that and lets hope the School and Whalley Range will continue to use the sporting facilities and the First World War memorial aspect can continue.

I aim to continue Mike’s policy of using all “spare funds” of the O.H.A. to be spent directly on children within the school: awards for achievement and helping out with school trips. The idea is to make the presence of the O.H.A. felt within the school. So our notice board has returned, and we have, through the career mentors, spoken on several occasion to the Lower 6th Form sharing career advice. I would like to thank: Paul Collis, Lin Leadbetter, Rick Shotton, Mike Cummings, Steve Oliver, John Sherratt, Sally Ross and Katrina Mackay for all giving up a morning to speak at the school. I hope more can join us next year as we aim to keep interacting with the school.

Jon Benson has been a great help and indeed has set up the new website, creating a facility for documents to be scanned in and stored online. Keith Robson has been scanning in copies of the Hulmeian. Hopefully this can be expanded over time and there are ways to help so please take a look at our website.

Finally, as we look toward Facebook and online media content I hope we have not forgotten one of the founding principles of the Association which was to encourage social interaction between former pupils and staff and with that in mind I hope to see you at the next dinner.

Matthew Hargreaves
O.H.A President
June 2012