About the Old Hulmeians Association

The Old Hulmeians Association (OHA) is the alumni association for former and current staff and former students of William Hulme’s Grammar School, Manchester.

If you have previously attended,  or work or have worked at the school, you are an Old Hulmeian (OH). This website is for you.

There is a committee of volunteers that help all Old Hulmeians reconnect. We meet regularly to organise events including  Annual (Manchester) and Biennial (London) Dinners, an active Golf Society schedule , and monthly Cross Country Section meets (see the Events and Social Groups items on the menu for more info).

There is also an online archive of the schools magazine under The Hulmeian on the menu where you can browse through many past editions

And we can arrange tours of the school and help put OH’s in contact with each other (use the Connect menu item to contact us for these).

Finally, we also maintain a facebook page, have a Linkedin profile and an email address, details of which can be accessed via the Connect menu item.

Please consider joining us formally. Subscription costs £15 per year for those aged over 30 (and membership is free until your 30th birthday) and gives you further benefits. See the Join menu item for more information and a joining form.

OHA Committee 2016/17

PresidentAndrew MarsdenGeneral CommitteeMike Burns
Deputy President-Vacant-General CommitteeNigel Veevers
SecretaryRick ShottonGeneral Committee-Vacant-
Assistant Secretary-Vacant-General Committee-Vacant-
TreasurerChris BaylisGeneral Committee-Vacant-
Assistant Treasurer-Vacant-General Committee-Vacant-
Newsletter EditorIan CaseGeneral Committee-Vacant-
Communications and Marketing-Vacant-


Representatives (ex officio)

Immediate Past PresidentJon Benson
Principal of William Hulme's Grammar SchoolPeter Mulholland
Representative of the Teaching Staff of the SchoolAndy Harrison
Representative of OH Playing Fields Ltd.David Barnes
Representative of Club or Section - GolfIain Shaw
Representative of Club or Section - Cross CountryPaul Marlton


Other Representatives

Director of OH Playing Fields Ltd.David Barnes


Past Presidents

1913-20 Rev W A Parker Mason1966-67 D M Williams
1920-21 T W M Blankd1967-68 J G Rickards
1921-22 S R Oddy1968-69 W T Curtis
1922-23 B Muth1969-70 A I Robinson
1923-24 A Payne1970-71 A Smith
1924-25 H H Vlies1971-72 W Ligget
1925-26 J I Franklin1972-73 B T Plaskett
1926-27 H R Classen1973-74 G R Vlies
1927-28 S Payne1974-75 B D Norris
1928-29 W F Merchant1975-76 H W Andrews
1929-30 T Fischer1976-77 E S Thelwall
1930-31 E E Dehn1977-78 Dr A Wilson
1931-32 W Thorpe1978-79 F E Pickup
1932-33 J A Barber1979-80 D B Flunder
1933-34 W N Caw1980-81 C J Lowe
1934-35 R G Clarke1981-82 Dr S Foulds
1935-36 G N E Gilliat1982-83 J D Marsden
1936-37 T Dennis1983-84 C E Bryans
1937-38 H Cardwell1984-85 R E Williams
1938-39 G G Dehn1985-86 J M Mather
1939-40 H Cardwell1986-87 R Heywood
1940-46 G N E Gilliat1987-88 G E Barnes
1946-47 J P V Wollam1988-89 A Maddocks
1947-48 D Cardwell1989-90 P Marlton
1948-49 A O Gatley1990-91 J Bethell
1949-50 S R Best1991-92 K C Pettener
1950-51 H S Wihl1992-93 R M Therlfall
1951-52 J A Barber1993-94 Dr T W Warnes
1952-53 J M Walker1994-95 C Langford
1953-54 W W Land1995-96 D J Barnes
1954-55 S Whittingham1996-97 J L Clarke
1955-56 E Barnes1997-98 J M Gilliat
1956-57 A H Allman1998-00 A Barnes
1957-58 F Ashworth2000-02 A M Blight
1958-59 J E Peters2002-04 I J Shaw
1959-60 H J Seddon2004-05 Dr A Wilson
1960-61 N A Barber2005-07 C Venables
1961-62 J G Bird2007-09 Prof I H Munro
1962-63 R W Lymer2009-11 M A Kerr
1963-64 S W Saxelby2011-13 M Hargreaves
1964-65 G G Dennis2013-14 J Benson
1965-66 A Jones2014- A Marsden

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